Valkyrie Server Online Player: 245

Prepare your swords and shields! Call your friends and guild mates! Get ready for battle!

Valkyrie WoE Tournament Server will open on April 6, 2024 @ 7pm!

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- Max Level/Job : 99/70
- Base/Job EXP Rate : x100
- Equipment Drop Rate : x25
- Item, ETC & Card Drop Rate : x25
- Mechanics : Pre-Renewal
- Available Classes: Transcendent, Ninja, Soul Linker and Gunslinger


- Episode 13.2
- Max 2 client
- Only Headgears and Consumables are available in Donation
- No Boss Card and Mini Boss Card
- No Costumes
- No Custom Items
- Commands: autoloot, whodrops, whereis, autotrade, refresh, homevolution, go
- Custom NPC's: healer, job changer, warper, freebies, guild creator, reward code, quest board, donate shop, private DB room, plagiarism npc


- Gepard Shield 3.0
- Light Graphics Plugin
- Available in Windows PC and Android Platform
- Free Unlimited Auto-attack
- Hourly and Daily Reward
- Over 100+ Quest Items
- Automated Events with PODS Prizes


- War of Emperium
- King of Emperium
- Daily Top 3 PVP Players
- 7vs7 Tournament
- Job Showdown


Ragnarok player preferences changes drastically and most of the time only small number of players stays loyal to the server they play. As we want to be the longest running RO server in the philippines, we have created Valkyrie Allstar. It is a seperate server where all the pioneers and loyal valkyrians meet and play together. All our old servers are unified to keep the characters, items and accounts playable. Tournaments, constant updates and episode progression are being held in this server to maintain the interest of the community. Valkyrie Allstar is a seperate server and still open since May 20, 2023.

Help us improve the game. Report bugs or any issues you may find.